Saturday, October 3, 2009

Jolinn's Crockpot Refried Beans

This is also technically a Duggar recipe but between my friend Jolinn and me, we've altered the recipe from the original; thus the title!  These are amazing, and so versatile!

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Category: Beans, Crockpot, Duggar, Burritos

3 c. Beans (Pinto, white, whatever combination of the two to get 3 cups; I do all pinto quite often)
6 c. Water (The original had 5 cups, but my beans burned--BLECH)
3 t. Salt (It is definitely possible to over-salt!)
3 T. Chili powder
1 t. Black pepper

1. Throw ingredients into crockpot.

2. Cook on HIGH for 8 hours.  Okay, commentary needed. Eight hours is too weird for me. I like to do my beans overnight, so I put them in on low until I get up. Most mornings I get up and the beans are just past al dente, so I put them on high until lunchtime.  Whatever YOU do, make sure 1) you have enough water and 2) they're soft enough to mush.

3. Serve with Tortillas or on Rice.  We have loved these as burritos, with cheddar cheese, spinach, sour cream, sometimes with ground beef... Soooo good.

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