Thursday, February 5, 2009

Granola / Trail Mix

This one is for anybody (*ahem* Darla) who found a bunch of oatmeal on sale! :)

Preheat: 250*
Group: Breakfast, Snacks

5 Cups Quick oats
1 Cup Sesame seeds
1 Cup Shredded coconut
2 Cups Sunflower seeds
1 Cup Sliced almonds
1 Cup Wheat flour
3/4 Cup Brown sugar
3/4 Cup Oil
1 Cup Honey
1 Cup Water



1. Mix dry ingredients together.

2. Mix wet ingredients together.

3. Mix everything together! Then spread over a cookie sheet.

4. Bake at 250* for 45 minutes. If you want to add the optional raisins or M&Ms, add them half-way through the baking process.

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